Distribution rules (please read)

Hellcore Mailer is a freeware application. It means that it can be distributed freely at no cost, as long as original archivces/installers remain unmodified. You can host these files on your own website or put a link to this page - hotlinking (linking directly to these files) is strictly forbidden and won't work. As with other freeware applications - you don't have to pay for downloading and/or using it - if you did, author didn't received a single cent out of the amount you paid. Files posted here are most recent, reliable, addition-free versions - files from other sources (especially those shared through services like RapidShare or MegaUpload) might be older, less reliable, and may be infected with viruses/trojans. Original installer/program does neither offer installation nor contain additional tools/toolbars/web browsers/web browser plugins.


File nameSizeMirror 1ChangelogDownloads
(SHA1: 8986c0c0571f8d9ed14ecf113be6a536)
1271 KBDownload!List1265
(SHA1: 0494951a0fbd0aa83db1ddef568de335)
1038 KBDownload!List31

Portable versions

File nameSizeMirror 1ChangelogDownloads
(SHA1: 9eddb00e8879e441e095cbfbc461e813)
1100 KBDownload!List752
(SHA1: 8ae6831feb1db8bac1457daa055cf10f)
986 KBDownload!List50

Add-ons, tools, updates...

Download!CC32inst.exe574 KBCommon Controls update for Win95/NT4/98
Download!riched30.exe325 KBRichEdit 3.0 control (recommended for Win98/ME, required for Win95/NT4)
Download!w95ws2setup.exe964 KBWinsock2 - highly recommended update for Windows 95.

Current snapshots

Below you may find the most recent versions of program components. Just replace your current file(s) in your Hellcore Mailer directory with one of the following (remember to close application beforehand). Full changelog may be found here. Remember that these are periodical (mostly daily or weekly) snapshots which don't need to be stable.

(SHA1: 5109107e6d14ea36d4f60df1e9655ac841f54b48)
Main program executable941 KB18.02.2018 23:10
(SHA1: 999bf5a951fa6b931b94857f635eae50431c65fe)
Main program executable (deprecated)801 KB14.08.2013 01:56
(SHA1: 5d9c871cbf5c55211cc008d3e3a63af3d0339a73)
Support library (deprecated)120 KB12.08.2013 09:30
(SHA1: 397a073427f8b66f7f46ed3a1f9df1d06cc61d44)
Extension - SSE-accelerated JPEG decompressor14 KB3.10.2010 21:25
(SHA1: 0cc0cd7bd4d412914c6647077026f266)
Help file in Winhelp format127 KB12.02.2010 21:38
(SHA1: a6dec0f3d9492b12f33f13a135f181c8)
Help file in HTML Help format170 KB6.09.2011 20:33
(SHA1: f2c6f93575a5926d6fbdf3f7e692caf3)
English translation (help file not included)39 KB18.08.2014 02:27