Changes history

20-02-2018 Download packed archive (1100KB)
  • Better, more complete translation
  • New address book
  • Real newsgroups tree
  • New ways to attach files, for example by dragging attachments from other messages or by pasting from a clipboard.
  • Address Suggestions (based on usage frequency)
  • Simplified adding Gmail accounts
  • HTML and PDF viewing now within message window.
  • BeerLock (disables immediate message sending on specified hours)
  • Extended mouse support (additional buttons move between history items, horizontal scroll can be used to scroll horizontally)
  • QuickTexts
  • Copy on selection
  • Extended, on-fly spellchecking
  • Enhanced search, now with web-alike queries
  • External parsers now can be used for filtering message templates
  • Folder sorting
  • Lots of bug fixes and optimizations.

20-02-2018 Download packed archive (986KB)
  • Initial english release.